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Terms of Use

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update: October 22, 2010

By purchasing these graphics or obtaining any free downloadable graphics by Armina Designs
you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this document. All graphics, once sold or downloaded free of charge, do not become your property. Copyrights to all layouts, graphics and kits are retained by Armina Designs.

****************PERSONAL USE****************


* YOU MAY use the content to create layouts, greeting cards etc. for your own personal use.
* YOU MAY make gifts for family and friends.
* YOU MAY alter size, color, etc. to suit your layouts.
* YOU MAY make one copy of this set for backup purposes only, but not with intent to redistribute.
* YOU MAY use purchased personal use items in your S4H and S4O small business as long as the finished LO is given to your client in a flattened PNG or JPG format only.
* YOU MAY use my kits for blog designs for your own blog or your small blog designs business. Please give credit to Armina Designs @


* YOU MAY NOT alter and claim any part of this kit as your own.
* YOU MAY NOT share this set (either in it’s original format, or any individual elements of it) with anyone outside your primary residence.
* YOU MAY NOT remove any notice of copyright included in the content.
* YOU MAY NOT make any of the graphics into tubes/brushes/patterns/stock photos and redistribute them.
* YOU MAY NOT offer or redistribute these graphics on any web site as downloads or send them through a news list or Yahoo Groups. This is pirating, and is ILLEGAL!
* YOU MAY NOT use personal use products for any commercial purposes.
* YOU MAY NOT Use this kit for obscene, vulgar, illegal or discriminatory works .
* YOU MAY NOT create quickpages / bragbooks / clusters or any other item that is intended to be sold or given to the general public as a “FREEBIE” on a blog or any other website.
* YOU MAY NOT use the graphics for mass production of any kind, excluding personalized cards for single occasion use e.g. Wedding, Birth or Graduation.


If you post completed projects online through e-groups, bulletin boards, galleries, forums, newsgroups, or submit to magazines for possible publication, include the product title and Armina Designs @ in the credits.


Armina Designs shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damages resulting from the use or inability to use products provided.

You can email me a link to your layouts, I’d LOVE to see your work using my designs! 🙂

For any further questions, please e-mail armina @
And most important, have fun scrapping with your new product!

Thank you for reading my TOU!

Armina 🙂